single card mailer

Single Card Mailer

The double walled single card mailer provides extra protection, creating peace of mind that the products are delivered safely. Our standard cambridge mug fits perfectly inside, whilst the box absorbs post and transit shocks with ease. The smart box is unbanded, so can be used for any order, but gives the mug a more personal feel, as they're packaged individually.

acetate box

Acetate Box

The acetate box provides extra protection while the mug is still directly visible. Logos and designs can be printed on inserts placed within each box, resulting in virtual point of sale quality presentation material. Card layers are used to ensure the boxes and mugs are delivered safely, meaning they arrive perfectly and ready to present.

presentation boxes

Presentation Box

The coloured presentation boxes can be used to reinforce a brand identity, and are perfect for corporate gifts, special occasions or a well presented gift. The coloured boxes have print options, that are available upon request, and with a wide range of colours to choose from, the mugs can be presented in a way that suits anyone.

polystyrene boxes

Polystyrene Box

The lightweight polystyrene box is perfect for keeping postage costs at a minimum while protecting the mugs. The standard sized cambridge mug fits inside perfectly, allowing the packaging to absorb post and transit shocks with ease. Polystyrene is a tried and tested method of protecting fragile items, ensuring they withstand transportation.

printed boxes

Printed Box

Available as a full colour print, the printed box is perfect for packaging mugs that are to be given as gifts, or used for special occasions. The packaging can be used to further incorporate company branding, or to display any messages or images desired. The box is stylish and contemporary, going further to ensure the promotional mugs stand out.

corrugated boxes

Postal Corrugated Box

The postal corrugated box is available in single, single extended, 2 mug, 4 mug, and 6 mug capacity boxes. The fold over tongues divide mugs, ensuring the risk of fractures or chips is minimised. The strong and rigid design helps the mugs to withstand transportation. Plate boxes are also available in corrugated form.

plate boxes

Plate Box

Each plate box comes lined with folded coloured tissue paper to help protect the plates from chips or fractures. For a more luxurious feel, a velvet inner lining is available upon request, making it a perfect addition for special occasions. The box is perfect for display purposes, or for presenting printed plates as gifts.